Lockheed Martin

East Camden, Arkansas; Unincorporated Orange County, Florida; and Orlando, Florida

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Project Size:
76,000 sq ft PAC-3; 4,100 sq ft Laser Tower; 250,000 sq ft Research and Development Building

The Lockheed Martin PAC-3 AUR II Missile Coating Building in East Camden, Arkansas, is a 76,000 sq ft project consisting of a main production building and a separate break room connected by a breezeway. The building is used for missile coating and was constructed with structural steel frame, metal wall panels, and a metal roof. The interior of the building contains blast/test cells that are constructed of 18-inch-thick and 24-foot-high cast-in-place concrete.

The LMCO Laser Tower is a 4,138 sq ft concrete structure located in Orange County, Florida. The laser tower is used for testing lasers down range as they are being developed for military use.

The Lockheed Martin Research and Development Building is a 250,000 sq ft office building for the Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control campus in Orlando, Florida. This building serves as a research and development center with approximately 4,000 employees. Also included in the scope of work was the Lockheed Martin Material Control Center, a 20,000 sq ft addition to an existing warehouse that serves as the home for an automated robotic high-speed storage and retrieval system.