James B. Messerly Water Pollution Control Plant

Augusta, Georgia

Parsons Water & Infrastructure, Inc.

Project Size:
22,000 cubic yards of concrete, 16,000 linear feet of ductile iron

This expansion and upgrade to the existing James B. Messerly Water Pollution Control Plant consisted of construction of a grit removal and main splitter structure; four aeration basins; switchgear/generator, blower and electrical, odor control, and dewatering buildings; hypochlorite generation and storage facilities; three odor treatment complexes; and PE, ML1, ML2, and SA splitter structures. This project also included modifications to the influent pump station, eight primary clarifiers, south blower building and aeration basins, return-activated sludge/waste-activated sludge (RAS/WAS) pump stations, and WAS holding tank. Our work included 22,000 cubic yards of concrete; 16,000 linear feet of ductile iron, high-density polyethylene, and reinforced concrete yard pipe; 48,000 linear feet of exposed welded stainless steel air pipe; 6,600 linear feet of exposed fiberglass-reinforced polyester pipe; and 11,000 linear feet of small diameter piping. Because the site was adjacent to the Phizney Swamp, we installed 34 deep wells (60 feet deep) around the 500- by 600-foot aeration basin excavation.