Flint Creek and Welsh Plants

Gentry, Arkansas; Pittsburg, Texas

American Electric Power (AEP)

Project Size:
29,000 cubic yards of concrete foundations and 29,000 linear feet of underground pipe

These site development and civil works projects for the Flint Creek Power Plant and the Welsh Power Plant were performed in association with the plants’ upgrades to meet strict new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations. At Flint Creek, upgrades required 14,000 cu yd of concrete foundations and 16,000 linear feet of underground pipe installed for a laydown area, switch yard, contractor parking lot, and warehouse area. At the Welsh plant, the scope was part of ongoing chimney upgrades of two of the plant’s units to provide an activated carbon-injection system to reduce mercury emissions below the new standards. This project included 15,000 cu yd of concrete foundations and concrete-encased electrical duct bank, as well as 13,000 linear feet of underground piping. Several piping systems, including storm sewer, oily sewer, fire protection, instrument air, plant air, sanitary lines, and a switchyard area, were included in the upgrade scope. A final grading and paving package completed our work.