Coal Emissions Reduction Technology Projects

Louisiana, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Utah, Missouri, North Dakota, Wyoming, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio


The Coal Emissions Reduction Technology projects consisted of similar design-build projects performed across 14 states for eight different power providers. The system installed consisted of a combination of silos and tanks supported by structural steel platforms on a combination of shallow and deep foundations. The tanks contain a mixture of dry and wet agents designed to be distributed onto coal before it enters the plant in order to reduce emissions. These projects allowed Brasfield & Gorrie to apply its expertise in compiling design data, managing project schedule, and managing labor and material logistics associated with working in different states at the same time.

Brasfield & Gorrie conducted Coal Emissions Reduction Technology projects for the following clients:

  • Basin Electric
  • Dayton Power & Light
  • Duke Energy
  • NRG
  • Intermountain Power
  • Ameren-Rush Island
  • Larkwood Energy