Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Data Center

Birmingham, Alabama

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Project Size:
71,000 sq ft


LEED® Gold certified

This 71,000 sq ft, Tier III data center is a hardened, stand-alone facility with dual-path electrical and mechanical systems. The 22,000 gross sq ft computer area provides 12,600 sq ft of usable space. The infrastructure is composed of 13,200-volt dual electrical service, and the uninterruptible power supply is a dual bus, multi-module system. The emergency power system is comprised of three 1825-kilowatt generators and two 15,000-gallon fuel storage tanks. Cooling for the facility consists of two 450-ton centrifugal chillers, cooling towers, and 120,000 gallons of makeup water in the event local service is interrupted. Fire protection consists of wet pipe and preaction systems, an FM200 fire suppression system under the raised floor, and a VESDA® smoke detection system. The concrete-framed building is designed to withstand an F3 tornado.