Atlanta Hawks and Emory Sports Medicine Complex

Brookhaven, Georgia

Hawks Player Development Facility, LLC

Project Size:
90,000 sq ft


ABC Excellence in Construction Award

AGC Build Georgia First Place Award

ENR Southeast Best Project Award of Merit

The Atlanta Hawks and Emory Sports Medicine Complex is a two-story, 90,000 sq ft facility that serves as the official practice and training facility for the Atlanta Hawks. The facility also includes 30,000 sq ft for Emory Healthcare that houses the Emory Sports Medicine Center, Emory Physical Therapy, and Peak Performance Project (P3). The Atlanta Hawks basketball operations team is also housed in the facility. The complex is the first of its kind and focuses on player development, peak performance, and comprehensive player care.

The Emory Healthcare Courts feature two full-length basketball courts with direct access to expanded athletic performance training areas, a film room, and a fully dedicated recovery area that includes cryotherapy, sensory deprivation tanks, and in-ground hydrotherapy.

The Emory Sports Medicine Center and Emory Physical Therapy includes a 3 Tesla MRI scanner, diagnostic imaging technology, recovery technology, 3-D motion capture analysis, and blood/sweat testing and analysis.

The facility also serves as P3’s East Coast headquarters. P3 integrates sports science to assess athlete movement and performance and prescribe individualized optimization plans.