American Cast Iron & Pipe Company

Birmingham, Alabama

American Cast Iron Pipe Company

Project Size:
106,000 sq ft

This 106,000 sq ft design-build project for American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO) consisted of construction of three pre-engineered metal buildings and site improvements at ACIPCO’s Vulcan Painters Facility. Prior to this project, ACIPCO’s pipe and fittings were shipped to Vulcan Painters’ facilities in Bessemer and Tarrant for painting before being shipped to the end user. This project provided the facilities for Vulcan Painters to paint pipe and fittings at ACIPCO’s plant, eliminating shipping costs. The buildings—a 92,000 sq ft main building, a 12,000 sq ft fittings building, and a 1,700 sq ft storage building—are situated on 10 acres of ACIPCO’s property designated for Vulcan Painters’ use. Brasfield & Gorrie self-performed the site work required to prepare the building pads, including cutting and hauling 15,000 cubic yards of clay material from a nearby hillside and an additional 5,000 cubic yards of material on site. Other self-performed activities included footing excavation, footing rebar installation, and footing concrete placement.