Altea Therapeutics Laboratory Build-Out

Atlanta, Georgia

The University Financing Foundation, Inc. (TUFF)

Project Size:
132,590 sq ft

Altea Therapeutics is part of the tenant build-out for the Technology Enterprise Park Building I project located on North Avenue across from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Developed by Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures Inc., this interior build-out for a pharmaceutical company is comprised of office and lab space. Work was completed on two floors of the building, totaling approximately 45,000 sq ft, and included labs, offices, and various support spaces.

The project includes 4,000 sq ft of modular clean rooms made up of six Class 100,000 clean rooms and one Class 10,000 clean room. The space also contains six fume hoods, ERU systems, a lab exhaust system, vibration-sensitive equipment, a deionized water system, lab gas systems, vacuum and compressed air systems, chemical and instrument laboratories, a central lab exhaust system, 279,000 sq ft per minute custom AHUs, a vivarium, a Liebert HVAC system for special rooms, and a RODI water system.