All Children’s Hospital

St. Petersburg, Florida

All Children's Hospital

Project Size:
725,000 sq ft

All Children’s Hospital is an 11-story, 725,000 sq ft building that includes 240 patient beds, all in private rooms, an ambulatory care center, a medical office building, and parking for 1,000 vehicles. The medical office building is a seven-story, 250,000 sq ft facility consisting of a structural steel frame and steel decking topped with lightweight concrete on all elevated slabs. The energy plant is a three-story, 60,000 sq ft structure. The first floor is reserved for storage only, with a loading dock and lift. The second floor houses a boiler room with three 400-horsepower boilers, three 1,500-ton-capacity chillers, and six 2,000-kilowatt generators. Each room can accommodate an additional boiler/chiller. All Children’s was designed and built as a self-sustaining hospital capable of operating without connection to the power grid or other outside facilities.