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Cahaba River and Trussville WWTPs and Al Seier Pump Station Modifications and Improvements Phase Two

Birmingham, Alabama

This project included modifications and additions to the existing Cahaba River and Trussville Wastewater Treatment Plants and the Al Seier Pump Station. The project improved phosphorus removal capability, management and treatment of wet... Read more

Dodson Chapel Equalization Tank and Wastewater Pump Station

Nashville, Tennessee

This project consisted of a new 17 million-gallon-per-day (MGD) wastewater pumping station with a reinforced concrete wet well/dry well with three submersible dry pumps and building. The project also included a grinder structure, diversion... Read more

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Central Water Reclamation Facility

Cantonment, Florida

The Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Central Water Reclamation Facility project involved the construction of a new wastewater treatment facility to replace the Main Street Wastewater Treatment Plant. The advanced wastewater treatment... Read more

Horse Creek Pollution Control Facility Upgrade

Beech Island, South Carolina

Brasfield & Gorrie acted as the construction manager-at-risk for this expansion project that increased the facility’s capacity from 20 to 26 MGD. The project included improvements to the influent pump station, headworks, biological... Read more

James B. Messerly Water Pollution Control Plant

Augusta, Georgia

This expansion and upgrade to the existing James B. Messerly Water Pollution Control Plant consisted of construction of a grit removal and main splitter structure; four aeration basins; switchgear/generator, blower and electrical, odor... Read more

Knoxville Utilities Board

Knoxville, Tennessee

As part of Knoxville’s PACE10 program, Brasfield & Gorrie built six wastewater storage facilities: Upper First Creek, Lower First Creek, Walker Springs, Second Creek, Third Creek, and Lower Third Creek. All six were delivered through... Read more

McDowell Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Huntersville, North Carolina

The McDowell Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion increased capacity to 12 million gallons per day (MGD) and involved two phases of construction. Phase I included conversion of the existing filtrate equalization basin to a primary... Read more

Orange County Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility Expansion

Apopka, Florida

The expansion and upgrade of the Northwest Water Reclamation Facility consists of modifying the existing facilities and constructing additional facilities to increase the nitrogen treatment capacity of the plant and to comply with the... Read more

Prattville Pine Creek CWF Expansion

Prattville, Alabama

The Prattville Pine Creek Expansion included renovation of a raw sewage pump station with improvements to piping and submersible pumps; a new head-works concrete structure with screening and grit-removal equipment; and a new vertical loop... Read more

South Cobb Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade

Austell, Georgia

The South Cobb Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade consisted of construction of a new effluent filter structure, plant recycle pump station, effluent filter pump station, reuse pump station, secondary clarifier, and return-activated sludge... Read more

South Wastewater Treatment Plant Wet Weather Improvements

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This two-phase project will expand the existing plant to accommodate 205 million gallons per day (MGD) peak treatment flow and an additional 66 MGD excess flow to equalization storage. Phase I includes modifications to the existing gravity... Read more

Valley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Bessemer, Alabama

This multiphase secondary treatment plant addition expanded the plant’s existing capacity by 40 million gallons per day (MGD) and extensively modified the existing facility. Successive phases of the project consisted of construction of a... Read more