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Game Changer: VDC Leader Shares Her Thoughts on Changing Technologies and a Changing Workforce

March 7, 2017

Brasfield & Gorrie Regional Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) Manager Mallory Collier is on the forefront of change. In her role, she helps implement cutting-edge technologies that are changing the way construction projects are designed and delivered and redefining the skills needed to succeed in the industry. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, a millennial, and a working mother, she has a unique perspective…. Read more

Brasfield & Gorrie Using Drone Technology to Revolutionize Construction Processes

November 14, 2016

See how Brasfield & Gorrie is transforming its business with new technology on construction sites
Drone technology is helping create greater efficiency in construction. To demonstrate the capabilities of drones, Brasfield & Gorrie partnered with Microsoft and DroneDeploy.
“Through this new partnership, we’ve created a much more efficient process,” said Brasfield & Gorrie CEO Jim Gorrie. “We can literally take weeks out of a schedule…. Read more

Beam me up, Scotty! Laser Scanning Shapes Construction Models

August 25, 2016

Over the last decade, virtual design and construction has changed the construction industry drastically, improving our accuracy, efficiency, and quality of work. Laser scanning, though not a new technology, is the latest application to emerge as a game changer for our industry.
Laser scanning captures everything visible on an existing site: every wall, every door, every curb, gutter, and width or height measurement…. Read more

Weathering the Storm: Self-Performing Concrete that Can Withstand the Elements

July 18, 2016

To self-perform trades well, especially when facing labor shortages across the industry, a contractor must commit to maintaining the highest quality skilled laborers and perfecting the means, methods, and execution of these trades. This focus results in a thorough understanding of every trade and improved control over cost, schedule, and quality on every project.
Self-performing major trades, such as concrete, often benefits projects…. Read more