As the No. 1 Top Green Contractor from 2013 to 2015 according to ENR Southeast, we believe that living and building sustainably are necessary for evolving and leading the growth of our industry. The built environment has a tremendous impact on our planet through energy usage, resource consumption, and pollution. It is our responsibility to minimize this impact through sustainable design, construction, and business practices.

Commitment to Sustainable Construction

Brasfield & Gorrie is committed to implementing sustainable construction practices wherever possible. Working with the client and design team in an integrated process allows us to determine the overall feasibility and long-term costs and benefits of incorporating sustainable features. We believe that sustainable design, construction, and business practices are both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. Sustainability creates long-term commercial value by lowering operations costs, and it reduces operational and financial risks by encouraging a more thoughtful and efficient use of resources. We are continually working to help our clients find measurable ways to reap savings from sustainable facilities and ongoing operations.

Commitment to LEED® Development

As part of our company-wide commitment to sustainable construction, we built our corporate headquarters to U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED standards, earning LEED certification. We are active in USGBC national and local chapters and have more than 220 LEED APs on staff. We work to identify new opportunities to implement sustainable construction practices on projects throughout our company, regardless of whether the projects are seeking LEED certification.

We also have experience with additional sustainable standards and certifications such as the Sustainable SITES Initiative™, ENERGY STAR, ICC-700 National Green Building Standard®, and the Green Guide for Health Care™, among others.

We are frequently recognized for our commitment to sustainable construction and continue to make stewardship of the environment a top corporate priority.